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Today everyone wish to become slim and fit. Someone only think such a great idea but they do not follow any rule that such dream become true and someone also think about this and want to do accordingly. Lets now we explain to this topic How to weight loss fast on  more effective way and within the short time period.

It most depends upon our metabolic rate that convert our food into energy. It also depends upon what and how much we eat and drink in our food and what are our physical activities evolved and how much calories we burn.

We can improve our metabolic rate by follow some good diet plan, physical exercise, weight loss tips and to take best supplement.

Follow and maintain the Body Mass Index(BMI) formula, we can reduce the risk and safe of some critical disease such as heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol level and osteoarthritis.  According to National Institute of Health (NIH), a BMI of less than 18.5 is consider a person to under weight, a BMI of 18.5 and 24.9 is ideal and a BMI of between 25.0 and 29.9 is overweight.

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Best diet plan for weight loss.

We should avoid the other unhealthy foods such as fast food, pizza, pasta, fried and grilled food, rench fried and poptato chips and  sugary drinks. These foods has worst ingredients that are high in calories, more sugar and fats which has bad effects on our health and causes the risk of obesity,  blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases.

We should always choose and include plant based diet, low fats diet and  low carbohydrates food in our diet.  We need to intake high protein, low calories and high nutrition based food in routine.

Plant based diet : We can improve our health and contains all the necessary nutrients such as protein, fats, fibers,  carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy life and  It also reduce the risk of chronic  diseases and boost for fit and slim pattern lifestyle.

We should keep intention that how to fulfill our healthier lifestyle goal and reduce the extra weight and burn the calories. This can be done by simple rule that what I intake through eating and gaining calories of my body. A normal healthy person should obtain the calories 2000 – 2500 calories per day for good and stable health. \If we gain more that 2500 calories that means causes of storing of extra fats and  you need to reduce and burn that extra calories. Burning calories are being done by follow the physical exercise and plant based diet. Plant based diet is most effective way to reduce calories rather than meat based diet.

So whole food plant based diet that naturally help to reduce the weight loss in these effect ways.

Start slow : Choose plant based these meals on daily base for the week. These meals are whole grains such as wheat flour, brown rice, oat, barley, legumes, Vegetables ( Spinach, cauliflower, tomato, potato and kale etc, Fruits, Seeds , Tofu, Tempeh and plant based oil.

Cut down Meat and processed food :  Using too much these foods causes the risk of cardiovascular  disease, diabetes and weight gain. Cutting down of this stuff, we can safe from these disease and live a healthy life. If we feel sometime desire of these food, we need to add more portion of salad or fresh fruit in our plate to take some meat/processed food.

Breakfast : Our morning breakfast should be protein based diet and our choice to choose them on daily based on a week. We should include these food items in our morning breakfast in our kitchen for best reducing the weight.

Fruit : Take any of fruit like apple, yogurt, banana daily on breakfast.

Almond Nut : Take 5-7 pieces of almonds nut and soak it with water for 12 hours at night and at morning we can use it with uncover of upper brownish part and eat all white part of these nuts.This is very healthy diet and you may take it on daily basis.

Toast Omelet Recipe : Take 3-4 pieces of bread, 2 eggs, some oil for frying and some salt and chilli powder  for taste. In a bowl add beaten eggs and some salt and mixed them. Heat the pan and spread the some oil and now dip the bread slice into egg mixture of both side. Keep bread slice on hot pan and press slowly fry on both side on medium flame for few time, The color of prepared toast omelet would become yellow brownish. Now this dish is ready for serve.

Lentiles : This is also healthy source of morning breakfast. This dish  is delicious in taste and contains all nutritious elements in this dish. This dish can prepared by first soak the black lentils on water at night for 10-12 hours. At morning remove all waste water and boil it with mixed of tasteful salt, ginger, tomato piece, lemon juice and some spices. Now this lentils dish is ready to serve.

Best weight loss exercise.

Physical exercise such as brisk walking, cycling, swimming and meditation are the best for weight loss and reduce the risk of obesity, blood ressure and type-2 diabetes.

Brisk Walking : Walking is the best physical exercise for anyone who wsih to reduce the weight without any cost and equipment.  Regular brisk walking has many health benefits that it burns more calories when walking are done for 30-40 minutes with brisk pace. It helps to reduce the risk of  blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, obesity and provide strength to your bone and muscles.

Cycling : it is also famous exercise for weight loss and it reduce belly fat with effective way and burns the more calories. Regular cycling will improve your cardiovascular health and overall keep us fit for half an hour of this exercise practice.


Swimming :  Swimming is also the best exercise for muscles strength, cardiovascular fitness and help to maintain healthy heart and lungs and reduce the weight. Around 20-30 minutes of this exercise is best and get benefit from this exercise.

Yoga : Yoga is also effect way and it helps keep us both physical and mental fit and reduce extra colories by several assans. Some yoga assans such as Asthang or vinyasa is the best choice. The benefits of thses yoga are flexible and stretch our muscles and develop the muscles tone and improve our metabolism and most effect to reduce our weight…

Natural weight loss tip.

There are several ways to reduce the weight naturally. Some important ways are mention here.

  • Include more protein items in your meal and reduce the use of carbohydrates.
  • Eat more plant based whole food and reduce to use junk / processed food.
  • Reduce your intake calories by physical exercise such as walking, cycling, swimming and yoga.
  • Intake more water time to time that helps to reduce weight.
  • Avoid intake of more sugar and salt for better health.

The Best weight loss supplements.

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