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healthy lifestyle
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How to start healthy lifestyle is just explain that how to we live with physical and mental fitness and how to maintain it. Just we need to follow these to best and healthy habits in life and we live our surrounding with happy, disease and mental stress free life There are so many factor works behind of it and these are very important and concern to healthy lifestyle. Please consider these facts that help to generate natural and healthy practice that assists to develop good lifestyle.

Wellness guideline for healthy lifestyle

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Our diet plays a very important role to maintain our health. Best and healthy diet may produce us more energy causes of its nutrient elements that maintain a good immune system to our body. It also maintains and reduce body weight that reduce the risk of many diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes type-2 and obesity and also fight against infection and viral.

We need also take care of our meal and need to have 3 healthy meals a day and drink of plenty of water for maintaining a better health.

We always choose that food which contains fiber, protein, vitamin, minerals and carbohydrates nutrients and that foods are whole grains, legumes, green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, potato, tomato, fruits such as apple, orange, blackberries, carrot), dairy milk, egg and chicken. These foods are best for our health and boost of energy and reduce the body weight and lower the risk of other chronic disease

we must avoid junk food, fast food and uses of more sugar and salt.

We should care of maintain our body to fit and healthy by keeping regular physical exercise and yoga practice. Such physical practices help us to maintain physical fitness and improves our mental strength with occupying of fresh oxygen air to our lungs and body which has many benefits such as improves our digestive system and reduce the risk of blood pressure, diabetes type-2 and doing regular practice of physical exercise and yoga also help us to reduce and burn our unwanted body fat. It also improves our immune system that makes us happy and mentally strong, boost up our energy and improves our flexibility and help us to build strong bones, muscles and teeth.

Sound sleeping is also important to us for getting better physical and mental health. During sleeping time, our body and brain gets optimal health benefits and our brain get relaxed and remove the all toxic from our brain and get more relaxation to next day, Having sound sleep of 7-8 hours, we can reduce the risk of several diseases such as heart disease, diabetes type-2 and metabolic disorder. Sound sleep may boost up our immune system, weight loss and retain of memories.

Sometime people have complexity of surrounding that they overwhelmed by feeling anxiety and mental stress due to their relationship, financial crises and unpleasant condition. These can made them mental handicapped and sometime they mentally fall down with awkward condition and unable to choose correct decision due to their depressed brain.

At that time, we need to take care more of these awkward condition and also need to follow healthy and wise steps to cope our emotional and situational stress.

  • We must attention to our self and take care of our healthy eating, our physical exercise and yoga practice, sound sleep and get relaxation through some kind of entertainment.
  • We need to avoid drugs and alcoholic bad habits at immediately.
  • We take advice to genuine person for your problems / issues.
  • Wet go through with your best hobbies like sports, listening music, dance, gardening, cooking and others.

Benefits of Healthy lifestyle

Do follow and maintain the best healthy lifestyle procedure may effects your overall lifestyle and possible to remove all chronic diseases and improve the power to conquer over your worse emotional and feeling and empower of all health benefits.

Healthy eating and regular exercise habits may ensure to maintain your weight and burns calories of consuming fiber, protein and vitamin based diet, Each healthy diet (including vitamin D and calcium) such physical exercise with sun exposure may keep your bones, muscles and teeth strong and reduce the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures. We may become also safe of other vitamin deficiencies. And safe of malnutrition and others diseases.

Regular physical exercise practice may improve your good and productive feeling that assists to improve your mental power so that you feel better and improve your better mood. This may be also possible to improve your social connection and your social interaction may develop more effectively.

Healthy lifestyle tips

healthy lifestyle tips

Every one wish to follow healthy lifestyle tips and such tips are the great way to improve their physical and mental health graph so we need to follow these tips to improve and maintain our healthy lifestyle.

  • We must drink 2-3 glass of water in early morning at empty stomach which helps us to clean our bowels that reduce the digestive disorder and remove the toxic element from our body that result of glowing our face, reduce the risk of dehydration and headache and boost of energy and metabolic rate.
  • Regular practice of morning exercise. Has many benefited to our health, At morning fresh and oxygen full air when it enters in our lungs and our breath with the best physical exercise such as brisk walking, cycling and swimming activities with around 30-45 minutes, it has produced amazing change on our physique and mind that we feel fresh and better mood, burn our extra body fat, reduce the risk of other infection and disease and also boost of energy and increased metabolic rate.
  • Healthy eating habits may also helpful to improve your healthy lifestyle. Eating morning breakfast, lunch at noon, some snacks at evening and dinner at night with nutritious food and plenty of water is the best daily diet plan and beneficial to our health. We must choose to best and nutritious food on our daily life and prefer to take such meals which contains fiber, protein, vitamin, mineral and carbohydrates. We must avoid surgery drink, fast food and junk food. Our daily food items should be included of whole grain, leagues, green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, dairy product, fish, egg and chicken. These foods are full of all the best nutrients and benefited to maintain our health.
  • Sleeping is natural process and sound sleep is very important factor that keep our body and mind to fit and relaxed them. 7-8 hours of sleeping is better for our health. At sleeping hour our body release mental toxic element and prevent us from mental disorder.and our brain feel better and help to memory recover and boost up our metabolic rate. This is best for our digestive system.
  • We always keep attitude of positive thinking. Positive thinking may improves our mental ability and we can prevent from its bad effects such as sadness, emotion, depression, anxiety and fear. These are also bad sign of our health. Positive thinking keep us happy, healthy physique and brain, better cardiovascular health.


Healthy lifestyle impress us to live a great life with full of joy and healthy life. It is true quotes that Health is move valuable than wealth and it means that without health no one is able to enjoy his life with joy. Health is that peace of quality where we enjoy every moment and by its every resource. Health is that foundation of tree, where grows every valuable aspects such as wealth, joy and mental peace. Healthy lifestyle are the main significant skyscraper where foundation is just build of healthy habit.

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  1. Living healthy is probably the topic at the front of mind for billions of people across the globe at the current moment. We’re all currently hyper-aware of any symptoms and being extra cautious to avoid germs and to actively fight off disease by living a healthier lifestyle. This is a great reminder of some of the top items that contribute to good / poor health and how to make sure that one stays as healthy as possible!

  2. What an informative and useful post! I didn’t even realize that sound sleeping can help reduce the risk of having heart diseases and Type-2 diabetes. This is awesome! I’ve always worked day and night. And most times, I worked overnight without creating time to have sufficient sleep the next day, not knowing I was doing all these at my own detriment.

    I’m suffering from belly fat; so I had better follow the guide in this post to improve my physical and mental health as well as maintain weight loss and fitness. Thanks so greatly!

    Israel Olatunji

    1. Indeed healthy food, exercise and sound sleep is good for our health and there is no doubt. We should maintain it as per our convenient time table.

  3. Hello,  Awesome post there,  the importance of Good heath cannot really be over emohasized,  the the  statement that orevention is better than cure,  we need to take concious,  calculated an delibrat effort to make sure that we’re in health and these tips above a some really sure ways in maintaining good health. Thanks for sharing,  I hope this meet someone well.

  4. Hello dear, I really find these article amazing, I am glad you you shared these information with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post, it really teaches us how to live an healthy life, I believe everyone will find these article amazing ad it is, living a healthy life is the number one thing that’s in ones mind, I believe these post had proven it right, thanks for the information

  5. Hey nice article you have there. First and foremost I wants to appreciate you on your efforts in putting such a concise article to promote an health life style, your tips are indeed invaluable. Health is wealth, so there the need for one to maintain an healthy life style is very Paramount.since the cost of having a good health is relatively  cheaper than treating a deadly sickness/diseases, it is advisable to engage in good health practice

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