How to overcome vitamin D deficiency

Effects of vitamin D deficiency.


Our culture, city, technology and other circumstances are so changing our lifestyle so we compel to live indoors to our work and far from fresh air, sun and nature. this is the major effects of vitamin d deficiency We are unable to get natural nutrient to our body, and soul. We are not getting proper Vitamin D in natural way in seasons and geographical locations. This is very important nutrients that maintain to keep our body healthier.

They plays a great role that help you to provide vital health potential. It is fat soluble substance that improve the absorption and metabolism of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. It is organic material that you get from dietary source and sunlight. The Ultraviolet B rays from sunlight radiated to your skin so that your body has generated Vitamin D These fat soluble substance is transported to liver and kidney where it converts to the form of tissues. They makes our liver and kidney strong and they turns into our potential harmons.

Vitamin D Deficiency symptoms.

If you are seek and tire and feel of suffered from pain and fatigue. Mostly this worse condition happening in winter season. Specially it is hard for you when abnormality and depression awkward conditions has raised that is due lack of Vitamin D that you have observed the causes of unbalanced diet and in-activeness of physical exercise. The situation is worst for old age people. These group of people are unable to keep their abilities due to deficiency of vitamin D. These symptoms are generally occurs of deficiency in Vitamin D.

  • Fatigue : People feel tiredness is one of the main cause for deficiency of vitamin D
  • Joint and Muscles Pain and Swelling : The major reason of this joint and muscle pain is related to lack of vitamin D.
  • Weight Gain : Low Vitamin D is also linkd with in adult women above 60 years old. They are unable to get vitamin d in their blood in antiquate level .
  • Poor Memory : Insufficient level of vitamin D acts a role in memory problem and cause of Alzheimer disease in old age.
  • Headache : When you are not getting enough vitamin D that is also generating it with other health problems with diabetes and heart disease.
  • Sleepless Night : these are also found due to deficiency in vitamin D. Lack of this vitamin D people are experienced in insufficient sleep.

Lack of Vitamin D can lead to loss of bone density, which are contributed to sign of osteoporosis in adults and rickets in children. These are also caused of develop the major disease such as Depression, Alzheimer, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity and metabolic syndromes etc.

Vitamin D Diet / Food.

Magnesium oriented diet are essential to our body, and they produce the vitamin D and get energize and help the human body to formation of bones, muscles and nerves and play the important role of their functioning.

Magnesium is also antacid that neutralize our acid waste. We can get magnesium from sources such as green vegetables and fruits such as leafy spinach, carrot, bok choy, collard green and kale and fruits such as apple, banana, blueberries, orange, yogurt and kiwi. Avoid taking more salt in your diet.

We take enough quantity of fatty fish and seafood. We can also include egg yolk , mushroom and dairy product in our food. These foods are enriched of vitamins and other nutrients.

Our diet should as the form of balanced, and we should include all the nutrients in it such as vitamin D, vitamin B, vitamin K, Omega-3 fatty acid, potassium, magnesium, protein, folic aced in it.

We get vitamin D on other source that take benefit of sun rays for 20-30 minutes other wise you can use UV lamps to get activated of your body part at the distance of 6-8 feet.

You keep your body, and mind to fit and healthy take some exercise on routine.

Vitamin D Supplement

When people feel that change and manage of diet is difficult to handle and confuse to decide what should include to manage in balance diet and what should not include in our diet. Now it is the best time to choose genuine supplement. A genuine supplement has sufficient amount of such nutrients that you are lacking. It is important for you that real supplement that is not replace by real diet, sunbath and exercise that you are taking.

There are two types of vitamin D namely D2 (from plants) & D3 ( From animals). Research says that D3 is better choose. It is suggested that purchase of vitamin D supplement in bottles hangs longer in blood and it is mostly sold in USA. It is available in tablet, capsule and liquid. But liquid is the best form that people like to use it. Generally people take it combination of calcium tablets that some people have cause of constipation and stomach upset.

So It is advised that you may take vitamin D supplement with other useful minerals mixed up of other nutrients for better health result. Other useful vitamin and minerals are illustrated here for reference purpose.

Vuitamin B12

It is important of brain function and red blood cell. It also helps to prevents form cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes.

Vitamin K

It is a fat soluble substance so that it makes protein for health bone and blood clotting. Intake of vitamin K to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


A low potassium level may cause of weak muscle and blood pressure and results to vomiting, diarrhea etc. Our body is unable to produce this nutrient so take in proper balance in diet/supplement.


It is that important minerals so it help to prevent from muscle twitches, osteoporosis, fatigue and high blood pressure and mental disorder.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D care our total health. Other major disease are affected due to deficiency of vitamin D. and help to cure them all. Treat Vitamin D deficiency with careful and diagnose with proper measurement of medical blood test. The proper level of vitamin in blood should be 20 nanogm/mililitre to 50 nanogm./ml. If that level is below than that should consider for vitamin D deficiency which is not good sign for your health and it is advised you take the best vitamin D supplement with required nutrients, take some exercise and sun bath / UV Lamps for good health and happy

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  1. Our body can only synthesize vitamin D, but it needs the help of the sun. If you want to increase your solar vitamin levels, doctors recommend a maximum of 15 minutes of sun exposure without applying a cream with a protective factor. This way, you will synthesize approximately 90 percent of your body’s daily requirement for this vitamin, and the rest can be obtained from dietary supplements or food! Thank you.

  2. I relate to this a lot. I’ve been working from home for 8 years and on top of that live in a country where it’s always cloudy and raining, so getting vitamin D naturally just isn’t an option. I’m really thankful to you for writing this article because now I learned about other ways I can get the vitamin D I so crucially need.

  3. Thank you for such a great article. When I went for my annual check up two years ago, I was told that I had a Vitamin D deficiency and I couldn’t understand how. I asked the doctor how and he said that it accumulates over the years and coming to think of it, I had actually been indoors for years on end.  So Vitamin D sufficiency is true and the supplements that he gave me helped me. I am sure this article will help many people out there who are not even aware of the deficiency.

  4. Thanks to lot for sharing this informative article about vitamin D. I go to the gym for about 5 years and I want to tell you that vitamins are necessary for my nutrition and for my body. These help me recover after my workouts and avoid injuries. For me this is the first time I find out that fatigue is a symptom of vitamin D deficiency and I will take your advice.
    But I can claim that vitamin D has helped me a lot to strengthen my joints because they are the most requested in the gym. Before I discovered this, I was in great pain and thought it was because of incorrect exercises.
    Vitamin D is needed every day and I want to thank you for this useful post.

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