Food Intolerance Testing Kit

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Food intolerance testing kit a proven testing procedure that change our life with happy and healthy after follow simple hair sample test. after few day you find the report which advice you to remove a particular food in diet that cause you to suffering from intolerance problem.

A food intolerance is a reaction of any food that occurs when a person feels any difficulties or bad health reaction. This may effects on any symptom such as digestive issue, bloating, stomach pain and ulcer, constipation and skin rashes. This is also known as non IgE medicated food hyper sensitivity. Non IgE medicated food sensitivity is that reaction, who do not affect immediately after just digesting the food and it is generally caused the root gastrointestinal tract such as vomiting, bloating and diarrhea, which are developed slowly.

People are used to choose blood or urine sample test for intolerance but the issue of these blood / urine sample test are IgE medicated allergies and only produce result listing reaction in the immunoglobulin system for only 2% of all allergies.

Hair sample testing are mostly used as proven method for most efficient and accurate result. Our hair sample test is examining change of cellular level the because the latest science shows that unto 43% of allergies are in fact a reaction of T-cell (Immune cell type that protect our bodies from infection germs disease and cancer cell). These tests are amazing and capable to change the totally different result.

If you are suffering from these symptoms like bloating, digestion, diarrhea, acid reflux and skin irritation than this intolerance test is most effective way to remove such bad impact on our health. These are just happen through American imported bio-technology equipment. You just need to send our hair sample to this lab for under deep testing and research and after few days you get our advisable food list and tips and what food you need to avoid that suffering our health.

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What causes Food Intolerance

stomach pain

Food intolerance is a reaction of food that occurs when a person feels any difficulty or bad health sign. This may happen due to any or more than one of these symptoms such as digestive issue, bloating, stomach pain, acid reflux, migration, stomach ulcer, joint pain, eczema, bowel syndromes, hives and aches.

What causes food intolerance is due to issue o digesting certain type of foods and unpleasant situation for anyone, who suffers from digestion and other symptom that occurs for few hours has many reasons.

Food intolerance risk can be reduce by avoiding these diets in our daily life.

Milk and Dairy product : Lactose contains more sugar molecules that our small intestine are unable to produce the sufficient enzyme to digest the milk sugar and people feel digestion issue, bloating, gas and diarrhea related problems. This is due to causes the deficiency of enzyme. If anybody is incompatible with this type of intolerance than it is advice reducing / avoid milk and dairy product food.

Caffeine : People with caffeine has cause of adrenaline rash when they feel as have consumed maximum drink of tea / coffee but in real they have only few sips. The other symptoms of caffeine are high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, headache and insomnia. People should reduce / avoid the caffeine. Doctor advice and Intolerance test are best advice to treat this caffeine intolerance.

Sulphite : Sulphite are used to preserve the food such as fruits and vegetables and some drinks. It may cause of intolerance due to when sulphite defoliate in our stomach than it releases sulfur dioxide gas and when this gas passes through an irritate airway than it develops the form of Asthma, stomach pain, diarrhea and nausea. At initial level its symptoms are wheezing, coughing and breath problem. The Food and Drug Administration has banned the use of sulphite to spray over food for preserve purpose. People should avoid such food such as dried fruit, bottled lemon juice, wine, grape juice and mixed picked.

Irritable Bowel syndrome : It is count as chronic disease that affects our intestine and Irritable bowel syndrome has also found same symptoms such as lactose intolerance such as digestion issue, bloating, gas and diarrhea related issues but much research say that its causes are not obvious and some says that muscle near colon does not work properly to removed the waste. People should avoid such food like gluten, dairy, fried food, bean and legumes and processed food in such symptom.

Stress Intolerance : Stress may be accountable to food intolerance and our body is also sensitive for stress. Some one say stress may activate our allergic reaction of gut and other part of body. Stress also affects our nervous system. When we are in stress our body release hormones and other chemical and these chemicals are referred to allergy symptom and sometime they affect negative resistance to fight against resistance of disease of our nervous system.

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Food Intolerance and allergy

food intolerance and allergy

At first let we know that what is the different between allergy and intolerance. A food allergy affect pour immune system and other organs of our body in which people feel difficulties in digestion of some type of foods like milk, egg, nuts, peanuts, fish, soy and wheat. People also feel other above said symptoms.

A food allergy reaction may cause of life threatening effects of these symptoms. If any one feels any digestive difficulty of a particular food that may causes of gas, stomach pain, bloating and diarrhea that may be the reason of food insensitive / intolerance.

Food intolerance are less serious and limited time period affect issue than allergy food. Let us try of understand the type of allergy and differentiate between them.

IgE Allergy : It is the antibodies generated by immune system, in which these antibodies move to cell and release chemical that happening allergic reaction and thus result our nose, throat, lungs and skin infections.

Non IgE allergy ; These are medicated food allergy and result for reaction with other component except immune system and apart from IgE antibodies. The affect of this reaction has not shown immediately and slowly react in gastrointestinal tract like bloating, diarrhea and vomiting.

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Symptoms food intolerance

If you are affected by one of these condition than you need to take intolerance test.

  • Digestion issue
  • Mygrane
  • Bloating
  • Acid refluxhe
  • Insomnia
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Asthma
  • Stomach Ulcer
  • Joint pain
  • Hives
  • Eczima
  • Fatigue

Best food intolerance test

As we know that intolerance are very different form allergy and food intolerance do not affect our immune system. Its symptom of effects the time duration from some hours too few days.

Hair sample test are more effective and tested 800 different food items that you find here by specific type of food analysis report that you are suggested that which particular food to avoid with detail of reason and which food diet you should follow for our better happy life.

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  • Know more about what causing our food intolerance / allergy.
  • This test is done by our hair sample that you send by post and within week you get our report that our next food diet plan and which food you should avoid for better health.
  • United kingdom national health service has approved the diagnosis of hair intolerance sample test as effective and accurate testing.
  • These two tests are very different in what is tested, the process and the results. A blood test checks for IgE-mediated allergies and will only produce results listing reactions in the immunoglobulin system (these are estimated at only 2% of all allergies). Hair sample test examines changes at the cellular level because the latest science shows that up to 43% of allergies are in fact a reaction in T cells. The two tests measure totally different reactions and will produce totally different results.

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  1. First of all, I have to commend you for the amount of effort you put into researching and writing this article. There is just enough information here on food intolerance. 

    I didn’t use to know anything about food allergy, but I had the chance to learn about it from my company a few weeks ago. I now know how dangerous it is. This content will really help people who want to know about food intolerance and, even, control their diet.

    Before I leave, can I also suggest you run this article through grammarly if you haven’t yet – this is just a personal suggestion, I’m not a grammar expert.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello, 

    This was a fascinating article. 

    I’d never heard of a hair sample test before today. Do you have any idea how accurate the test actually is as I know blood tests can throw up uncertain results?

    My older sister is currently on a gluten free diet but still having some difficulties. 

    I will definitely be recommending your website to her. 

    It’s really helpful the test results come back so quickly. 

    Best wishes, 


  3. Thanks a lot for coming up with this highly informative article.  I experienced some skin challenges, diarrhea and abdominal pain a week ago.These symptoms lasted for about three days. I’m having the impression that it may be food intolerance .. I’ll probably send my hair samples to the intolerance lab just to be sure.

  4. Thanks for sharing such amazing post marked with brevity expression on statement Ii want to commend you for all the hard work put together to make this informative post on food intolerance kits I never really had any knowledge about food allergy but after going through your article I find the information very helpful I have already save this website for recommendation and future reference thanks 

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  6. Hello there thanks for this review it was really helpful. A food intolerance is sometimes confused with or mislabeled as a food allergy. Food intolerance involves the digestive system. It is a difficulty digesting certain foods and having an unpleasant physical reaction to them. It causes symptoms, such as bloating and tummy pain. It however a challenge but a good way of losing weight.

  7. Hi,

    This is really educating and interesting. Anyways I must say a big thanks to you for sharing this article on food intokeranceu testing kit. Before now I never really could tell the difference between food tolerance and food allergy, now i have a proper understanding of what they both entails. From this I can say that I have been experiencing food intolerance, now I know what the causes could likely be…..

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