Best plant based protein sources

today people are interested to vegetarian diet and their interest is low in.meat based diet. The scientific reason behind is that people would like to live healthier, and in good shape figure life. Science prove it that adopting vegan life style, people can prevent disease like obesity, blood pressure, diabetes and cancer risk.

The spiritual and soul based reason is that people wish to develop their mind and soul by meditation and therefore the people wish to love with animal creature and nature and by following these rules they gain spiritual power and they would like to prefer vegetarian or vegan based diet.

Plant based protein benefits.

Indeed, people to going through vegetarian say have great benefits to them, such as for their long life, become healthier, preserve nature and love to animals and gain meditation power towards god. So getting vegetarian life style these benefits are obtained.

  • Live healthy and longer : Adopting vegetarian diet people can reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, obesity and coronary artery. A vegetarian diet is more beneficiary and healthy that contains proper quantities of fat and carbohydrates that our body absorb it easily and more in fiber and protein that maintain our body weight mass and reduce the body fat.
  • Live Disease free : After follow the vegetarian life style habit, some physical exercise and yoga, which added to increase our immune system that indicate live disease free long life.
  • Reduce the risk of non-veg food borne disease : We should protect ourself to avoid such food such as red meat, sea food fish and unsafe poultry which involves to produce harmful bacteria and virus as warned by FDA (Food and drug administration).
  • Get more energize : Vegan food contains good nutritious, which generates more energy, free of cholesterol and saturated fat. Vegan food has to complex carbohydrates that generates more energy in our body.

The Best plant based protein food.

Plant based protein food are easily available to us which are delicious in taste and boost our health are mostly found in these food items.

  • Tofu : It is the best source of protein an is made from the curd of milk and these are covered with light clothes and pressed and turn into block shape. It contains the natural calcium, manganese and phosphorus minerals. People using tofu in diet to proper quantity. Using excess quantities can causes of constipation, bloating and nausea.
  • Lentils : Lentils are good food contains low in calories, rich in iron and protein. Black lentils are the most nutritious and testy. It can cook by easy steps that first boiling of it with water and mixed up with some salt, lemon juice, garlic and spices. We can eat it with desired quantity.
  • Hemp seed : It is full of nutritious elements and contains omega and fatty acid, minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium zinc and fiber. We can use it on daily basis on roasted it or cooked it with other foods. It is mostly available on grocery stores. We can use it maximum of 2 table calcium spoons.Taking excess quantity are caused to diarrhea, vomiting and hypertension.
  • Almond Nuts : Almond is also main source of protein and it also contains fiber, healthy fat and protein. By using some almond we can reduce the risk of blood pressure and cholesterol and it also helps to reduce our weight loss. We need to soak it with water for night duration 10-12 hours before it use with uncovered the upper layer and eat all white portion. We can take 5-7 almonds on daily at include with morning breakfast.
  • Seitan : Seitan is good source of protein and it made of wheat gluten and water and it has high in protein and contains protein, selenium, calcium iron and phosphorus. And low carbohydrates, fat and calories. Eating more seitan on daily basis can causing of gas, bloating diarrhea. And gut infection.

Best testing plant based protein powder.

Plant based protein powder is easier for our body to digest by these products.with contains sufficient quantities of protein which helps to reduce the fat, maintain our body mass index and build and repair tissues. The direct food source of protein may absorb harder the consumption and not get the proper desired result. So we can improve this through the taking of protein powder to absorb proper nutrient better than whole food. Plant based protein powder contain amino acid, which has properties of predigest protein in and our body digest it betters way and helps to improve body muscles and loss the weight.

Who need of plant based powder products : People who wish to build muscles, Athletics, Older age people and vegetarian people can take benefit of such products. Such people need not use of these products, who are non vegetarian and consuming dairy products and taking other source of protein.

There are different types of protein powder available in market. Some best protein powder are mentioned here.

Whey Protein Powder

It is produced from milk curd and waste liquid are separated from curd with thin cloth It is excellent healthy protein powder which contains amino acid that helps to digest easily. By consuming this product you can grow the muscle and reduce the weight. It also helps to reduce the risk of blood pressure, diabetes and inflammation.

Side Effect : High doses of this product may cause of constipation, bloating reduce appetite and nausea.

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Hemp Protein Powder

It is also most popular variety of vegan protein powder. It contains all amino acid, omega 3 & omega 6, Fiber, healthy fats and minerals as calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron nutritious elements. We must include this to our food for getting better results. It helps us to boost energy and better our immune system. It is easy to digest protein and gives amazing results.

Side Effects : Due to k contains high amount of fiber so some people may problem of bloating, diarrhea and gas if they consume in large amount.

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Casein Protein Powder

It is high quality of milk protein source and low digesting dairy protein supplement.that release amino acid slowly, People would like to take in at night to recover the muscle breakdown during sleeping. The benefits of casein protein powder related to workout are it is slowly digestive so user may not feel hunger and aid to recover muscle at sleeping time while supply of protein and amino acid slowly and continuously.

Side Effect : If you take more quantity than prescribed quantity, it causes digestive issue, bloating, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

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Vegan protein powder

The vegetable products are used to build these plant based vegan powder This contains pea, pumpkin seeds, brown rice, soy, hemp, chia and flax flavor. It provides you all amino acid that helps to build muscles and weight loss. It also improves our digestion and metabolism booster.due to protein and fiber absorption in our body.

Side Effects : The vegetables product are produced by ground and heavy metals may also include in through soils and high doses may cause of indigestion. nausea and digestive disorder.


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  1. Quite a read here and thank you so much for sharing this post out for us all to read. In all honesty, I found this post both interesting and great to see. I am a big time lover of plant based protein and seeing other options here is greater. Though I only know of very little before and also supplements. This is really in depth and more better. Thanks

  2. With whey protein powder, we can grow the muscle and reduce the weight. It also helps to reduce the risk of blood pressure, diabetes and inflammation.
    the side effects of some of these protein sources has to be considered before engaging them.
    thank you very much for this superb article. it is really helpful

  3. Tofu is an awesome source of protein. Together with mushrooms, they are the best source of proteins that you can find in plants. I Think tofu can be tastier than mushrooms.

    I like the fact that we have the knowledge to understand that meat is not the only source of protein. It is not the best either, we can get protein in better quality from tofu than from meat.

    Like what you shared about hemp protein powder, I never heard of it. I am glad that I learn of its existence and I may try very soon.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi,

    Your post is really educative, you also encourage healthy lifestyle through your post and that’s really good. Unfortunately, I love meat alot so I really find the vegan lifestyle impossible for me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t eat vegetables and fruits or proteins! Infact, I do. I take the whey protein powder sometimes and it’s really good. I know the almond nuts and hemp seeds for their nutritional value. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  5. I did a small research online and i could see why there is relationship between the hemp protein powder and the vegan protein powder.

    the effects however are different to an extent and this can define its use. i think i will agree with the use of tofu to do testing and this can yield better result. thank you for this article.

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